Our Purpose

Our mission is to help you unlock your next level of health through live probiotic superfoods.

We want to give you a well-functioning gut, a super strong immune system, perfect brain health, and an easy way to manage your weight. 

Our Values

We make people healthier through food.

Live organic.
Pesticides and genetically modified foods have no place at our table or yours.
Keep it simple.
Our superfoods use minimal ingredients and are uncomplicated, just like mother nature intended them to be.
Do one thing well.
For us it's fermenting vegetables - creating superfoods that delight your palate.
Take action.
We can only connect the dots looking backwards. So we trust our gut and forge the way forward.
Be open minded.
We respect individual and cultural differences and value our diverse customers and employees.
Be optimistic.
We show our optimism by being positive, encouraging and upbeat in our communications with customers.

Our Origin Story

Hamptons Brine was started in 2013 by certified health coach, Nadia Ernestus, with a mission to help people change their eating and lifestyle habits to enjoy better health and greater vitality.

Nadia got interested in healthy food when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Having cooked all her life, she made vegetables and fiber the mainstays of her diet and regained her health in 5 months.

Nadia’s fermentation workshops became popular in the Hamptons. Local health food shop approached her about creating a line of raw sauerkraut - and Hamptons Brine was born.