Why LIVE Probiotics Food?

According to Harvard, "There are two ways to get more good bacteria into your gut: fermented foods and dietary supplements. Fermented foods are the most natural source. Probiotic supplements, which are typically sold over the counter, are reserved to treat specific ailments as suggested by your doctor, and not recommended for everyday use."

Gut Health

Hamptons Brine sauerkraut is rich in fiber — a nutrient known to aid with digestion. For both people with constipation, and people with diarrhea. It is also packed with probiotics, which are living strains of bacteria & yeast that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system. Probiotics speed up "gut transit time" by 12+ hours and increase the number of bowel movements, acording to Harvard.

Support Immunity

70-80% of immune cells are present in the gut. Your gut is home to trillions of gut bacteria. We know that colonies of friendly bacteria in the gut are our first line of defence against ingested bacteria and viruses. Hamptons Brine sauerkraut nourishes these colonies.

Also, fermented foods like sauerkraut increase microbiome diversity and lower inflammation, according to Stanford.

Brain Health

An increasing number of studies are discovering an intimate connection between your gut and brain. They found that the type of bacteria present in your gut may have the ability to send messages to your brain, influencing the way it functions.

Hamptons Brine organic sauerkraut rich in probiotics contributes to the creation of a healthy gut flora, which research shows may help reduce stress and maintain brain health. Probiotics have been found to help improve memory and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Weight Management

Hamptons Brine sauerkraut is low in calories and high in fiber, which can help you feel full longer. This can help reduce the amount of food you eat in a day without leaving you feeling hungry. And promote better weight management.

Probiotics may have the ability to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from your diet, according to scientists.


Risk of Cancer

Sauerkraut contains antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds that may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

The cabbage fermentation process may also create particular plant compounds that suppress the growth of precancerous cells according to scientists.


Why Raw vs Pasteurized?

Most commercially available sauerkraut is processed with heat, which eliminates the naturally occurring enzymes and probiotics that are beneficial and essential for the digestive process and immune system. It's done this way in order to be "shelf stable" and not need refrigeration in the store.

At Hamptons Brine, we never heat or pasteurize the final product. That means we keep our sauerkraut as raw and rich in probiotics as it should be. That’s why we have the most nutritionally dense organic sauerkraut on the market.