Prevent "long COVID-19' with fermented foods

Even after the initial recovery from Covid, many patients continue to suffer lingering symptoms from the infection for months. Several studies have linked these signs to long Covid. 

Long Covid has emerged as one of the severe complications people who got infected with the novel coronavirus have been facing. 

Individuals who are elderly, obese, or who suffer from underlying chronic health conditions such as respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, are most at risk of developing severe to fatal symptoms of COVID-19. Each of these factors is also associated with a change in the intestinal microbiota, known as dysbiosis (a reduction in the diversity of microorganisms making up the microbiome). It is not known whether a disease causes a change in the microbiome or if a change in the microbiome allows the disease to develop, but there is a negative change in the microbiota composition associated with each of these factors. So, it is possible that, as mentioned previously, a positive change such as probiotic supplements could work against disease.

Dr Janda and his colleagues believe that supplements or alterations in diet to improve microbiome health could function as an adjuvant therapy (helpful or facilitatory treatment intended to work alongside primary treatments) for COVID-19.

According to a new study from Montpellier University in France, countries where fermented cabbage is featured prominently in their diet (ex: Germany and Korea) experience lower mortality rates. The study found that because they have so much antioxidant-rich fermented cabbage in their diet, they have boosted immunity and decreased levels of ACE2, an enzyme in the lungs that makes an entry point for COVID-19 to enter body. The theory is that by eating large quantities of fermented cabbage and reducing your levels of ACE2 in the body, Covid-19 will have a harder time gaining entry

Strong immunity in relation to COVID-19 depends largely on gut health. A balanced diet packed with antioxidants is often recommended for promoting general health and well-being and increasing your body’s ability to fight off illnesses. 

In order to build a strong immune system, it is important for us to maintain good gut health. Feeding the body right things and avoiding any food items that might harm the gut is key to a good immunity. Fermented foods and drinks contain bacteria that are good for the gut and can help strengthen immunity and prevent health complications related to COVID.